What Impacts a Home’s Value?

by Sylvia Jonathan on January 13, 2014

Location, condition, size affect home value Location, condition, size affect home value

Location: Busy traffic areas like freeways and boulevards, high voltage wires near the property, and backing to commercial or industrial lots will lower the value of a home.

Size or floor plan: Obsolete utility like only one bath in a four bedroom home has limited appeal for most buyers

Condition: Worn paint and carpet, moldy or dirty bathrooms, old appliances and general age of the home could intimidate some buyers

For buyers on a tight budget, the lower sales price of such a property may be the only way to afford a home. It is important to know why a home is priced lower than its competition and to understand that location cannot be changed. As for obsolete utility, some homes can be altered by adding on, and condition can almost always be improved with a bit of cash and elbow grease.


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