“No Mow Lawn” is a waterwise alternative

by Sylvia on January 8, 2015

“No Mow Lawn” is a waterwise alternative for California’s Coastal Areas.

Lush green grass requires less water

Homeowners in California’s mild coastal climates have a wonderful landscaping option. If you are battling shady areas in your yard where no traditional lawn grows, you will be happy to learn that you can seed a grass mixture that will produce lush green blades practically year-round. The grass also does well in place of a traditional ornamental lawn, i.e. one that is not intended as a playing field or a golf course. Once established, the grass needs less watering than the common lawn varieties found in Southern California, thus saving on your water bill.

One of the nifty qualities of this grass is that it does not need to be mowed, though if a homeowner likes the short manicured look, it can be mowed to about 4 inches. In that case, mowing once a month suffices, freeing up your weekends. Thus the “No Mow Lawn” is particularly well-suited for small areas where mowing is impractical, and it is dog and cat friendly.

The seed mix is inexpensive and can be obtained from Prairie Nursery. Their staff is very helpful and able to answer questions about their product and how to achieve the best results.

It should be noted that this grass is not recommended for hot areas with full sun exposure, i.e. probably anything more than 6 miles from the ocean. For warmer inland areas, Prairie Nursery recommends seed mixes from High Country Gardens in New Mexico.

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