How To Hire A Good Gardener

by Sylvia on May 14, 2015

How to hire a good gardener Mow and Blow Joe or an actual gardener?


How To Hire A Good Gardener in three easy steps. You just closed the sale on your new home and are thinking about its maintenance. If the home has a yard, your options are to either maintain it yourself or hire a gardener or landscape contractor. If the yard already looks the way you want it, the easiest choice is to keep the crew which has been caring for its lawn and shrubs or flowers.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Hiring a basic mow-and-blow contractor will be easy. They are all over the place. For relatively little money they come in weekly like locusts and clip everything within an inch of its life with a power tool of some sort. One of the prevalent and rather sad habits of mow-and-blow gardeners is that they shear every shrub into a ball at regular intervals in the mistaken belief that this look is somehow reminiscent of manicured Italian or Asian landscape. We have gotten used to seeing shrubs and trees look like poodles, but there is a better world out there.

But if the landscape leaves much to be desired and you like a different approach, hire a different gardener. How?

1. Drive your neighborhood and look at different yards. If you see a few you like, ask the homeowner who their gardener is and get his contact information. It’s a good idea to ask the homeowner if the gardener does everything, or just part of the job and the homeowner does certain tasks. You want to know what the gardener is capable of doing and if he can take directions.

2. Interview the gardeners and find out if they are in the habit of making suggestions to owners when it is time to fertilize or replace plants, or whether they wait for the owner to tell them. Pick the one that suits YOUR preference.

3. Discuss how you expect shrubs and small trees to be trimmed. An attentive gardener will take your lead in how often or how much you want “shaved” off the plant. If you select the right one, he will hand trim plants to leave them looking natural. Hand trimming requires more time, so expect to pay more than your neighbor with “poodle” shaped shrubs pays his gardener.



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