Pet Odor Big Turnoff for Most Buyers

by Sylvia on April 29, 2016

We love our pets. They are our “furry children”, and just as you would not leave a dirty diaper pail in the open during a showing, pet maintenance becomes very important when your home is for sale.

181_3008x2000_300dpi_all-free-download.com_3329343Bathe “Fido” regularly, and launder his bedding once a week to avoid that doggie smell. It may seem excessive to some pet owners, but by the time you notice that it smells, it’s too late. Just do not let it get to that point in the first place. Pick up dog waste daily.

Scoop cat litter pans twice a day. While solid waste may smell strongly when fresh, urine has real staying power. You may need to rinse out the box weekly and replace the litter. It depends on how many cats you have. If it smells of ammonia when you scrape the bottom, clean it out. A bag of generic cat litter is cheap. Do not let it cost you a sale. Some cats do not adapt easily to change, so do not move the pan out into the garage or into the bathroom suddenly when listing the home for sale. Let your cat adapt to the new location slowly to avoid her eliminating outside the box. Kitty may be a good sport if you gradually move it a little every day. Start transitioning as soon as the thought “selling” pops in your mind.

Brush pets often to minimize loose hair on carpets and furniture. Pet hair is particularly visible on dark wood floors. Vacuum regularly.

Gerbils, guinea pigs and rabbits are usually contained in an enclosure and more easily managed when it comes to their waste, though I have yet to see a rabbit hutch that did not smell “ripe”.

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